tete-a-tete with Adrianna Joleigh

Hello you all lovely people! :)

Time for another interview. Cheers! My God! I have been slacking! To be honest I have been travelling a lot lately. I am not very fond of travelling but sometimes it does have some advantages. While I am on a train and I have no dearth of time here, I write this post. Did I mention that there are two Russians next to me, chatting away in lovely Russian? You come across so many cultures when you travel. They are arguing about which place they should visit next. Udaipur or Jaisalmer? I tell you that's a tough one. Anyway, no matter how interesting their conversation sounds, I divert all my attention to this post. (No, I do not know Russian. But I was able to catch a few tit-bits of the conversation. Reading has its' benefits! Ta-da!)
Okay, this time I have the gorgeous lady 'Adrianna Joleigh' in the house. Excited?
I am sure you all are!
What did she say? Well, read on! :D


Before I start with anything, I would like to make a confession. I will do my best to describe this beautiful woman. But if I fail to meet the standards, please pardon me. You see there is so much to write about her that I could go on and on making posts. But then blogger will sue me for over-using their website. I hope you guys understand my dilemma. :P
Wait. Wait. If I do not write properly about her, not only would I be convicted of injustice, her fans will sue me for not being elaborate! So either way I am going to be sued! :D (God! I hope not.) Alright. I am going to give it my best shot. ;)
A for Adrianna. A for Adorable. That she is. No arguments. She is a very charming person and believe me you, she writes bang on. I have proof. Her website. Your welcome! (grin)
She takes a stand for the people she loves. You mess with them, it means you are messing with her. It's okay if anybody wants to try this one out but then don't blame that I did not warn you. (mischievous smile)
She is extremely supportive and her mails often bring tears to my eyes. To sum it all up, she is a darling. 
Her answers are as interesting as her personality. :)

One really weird trait in you?
I can only name one? lol. I group letters in sentences into 3's until the word comes out even in the end. I'd explain but then a few of you would kill brain cells trying to understand. (I did not try this one. Very complicated.)

One false perception about you is?
That I'm intelligent. I am still trying to understand where that rumour started. (Do not believe her. She's just being humble.)

Something about your first and last crush.
My first crush was a boy in Kindergarten named Brian. I took him behind the building against his will and made out with him. My last crush? I'm still hooked on that one. I'll tell you how that pans out later.
(Brian, is an anagram of 'Brain'. So you pick brains. And you were saying you weren't intelligent. Adrianna, please don't kill me for this later.) :P

Martial arts or cooking? What would you like to learn?
Let's see. I have already mastered the burning of water.

Three friends in the S-A-W community that you treasure and why?
Oh dear. I have more than three. (sigh) Okay. 1) Glendon Perkins. He's a great source of encouragement and never lets being biased get in the way of telling me the truth. 2) Ro May. He's an inspirational entrepreneur and a great motivation for me to make it far in the entertainment industry. 3) You. (saved the best for the last) You wake up chirpier as a 'jaybird' (or is it 'naked as a jay bird') and also look to make others smile. You're adorable and loving and it's contagious. When I see you come in and say hello and give your love, I know it is sincere. Your motivation to be great at everything and anything should be learned by us all. Big kisses.
( :D Thankyou AJ! You flatter me so much! I am sure many are jealous to see the amount of love that you shower upon me! ;) )

Given a chance to be a fictional character, what would you be? Ms. Elizabeth Bennet.

Do you think people who take up Science have an edge over those who don't?
I do. Science makes up everything around us. Without Science we would not understand as much as we do. Understanding the 'Why's' and the 'What if's', is the key to our future and our past. Whether it's better to be ignorant of such things or knowledgeable, I do not know for sure, but when faced with decisions to make regarding the good of earth or humanity, I'd think it would be best to be able to know what we are up against. 
(That was a very honest answer. I appreciate that.) :)

What's your Zodiac? Zodiac influences personality. How true does that sound to you?
I am a Scorpio. According to the history, in Egypt, scorpions were equivalent to serpents and serpents were worshiped and viewed as guardians. In mythology, Gaia, the goddess of earth, was angry at Orion for boasting that he would kill all the beasts. To punish him, she sent a gigantic scorpion  to kill him. So, I think it's saying Scorpions can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy. They have it right. :)
(This was pretty interesting, honestly.)

Believe in Karma and Destiny?
I'm not too sure about either. I do believe people get what's coming to them in some manner in the end, but how and by whom? I'm not sure. Destiny? I also think things do happen for a purpose, but I do not think we are predestined for a certain life. Our lives are what we make of them and have the free will to change it for the better.
(Okay, seriously Adrianna. What makes you think you aren't intelligent? Did you even read your answers?)

A trait in people that really turns you off?
Stupidity. Don't settle for the basics in knowledge. You have a brain starving to learn and evolve. Use the tools given to you to grow and become something brilliant. Laziness would be another one but I could go on and on about that.
(I found this answer to be very motivating. So, I wrote it down on my quotes wall.) :)

How do you spend your free time?
Writing, school, chasing my twins around the house, harassing you lot on G+, networking and learning about marketing. :)

Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn. What would you pet?
One is horny, one will put you in heat and the other will send you soaring. It's so hard to choose. Can't a girl have it all? (question of the millennium) I'd say the Phoenix. I've always wondered what they would look like in person. and in some of my fantasy books I've half written in the past, I've always had one in there. They are magnificent. 

If there was a 'time machine', what would you like to change about the past?
Nothing. Everything that has occurred has put life where it is now and to change the past would perhaps make the present worse. Best to just leave things alone. Then again, a few weeks ago, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were in the same mall as me, one floor up and I didn't go say hi because I did not have my makeup on. Now I'm wishing I had taken the chance of turning him into stone just to have the chance to begin my stalking career.
(Note to AJ: Listen, you look stunning even without makeup.) 

Question for me?
How do I notify your parents to tell them what an amazing job they have done in raising their daughter..and if I can adopt you for my own? ;)
(Awww.. I am speechless right now but thankyou!) (hugs)

Question for the wonderful readers?
Does this font make me look fat? (kidding) What motivates you to succeed.
(Well, you already know my answer. I just want to make a difference while I am here in this world. I remember something about Bob Marley. He was shot in the shoulder by a burglar in the house. In spite of that he still went for his stage performance the next day. When asked why he had come, he answered: "The people who are trying to make this world worse aren't taking the day off. Why should I?" It is things like these that get me thinking.) :)

Thankyou very much Adrianna! It was a complete pleasure interviewing you. I really enjoyed your answers. They are a clear reflection of your dynamic personality. I wish you the best in life. May you achieve the greatest heights. :)

Below is a picture of this stunning woman. Now, now, don't swept off by her beauty. ;) Please make sure that you check her website. Though I don't think there will be a person who wouldn't want to visit her site after reading such in depth yet fun answers. :)

Thankyou for taking out your valuable time and reading this post.

Cheers! :)


  1. God I love you woman. Im working now but I will send you an email okay? Kisses all over your gorgeous face.
    ---love mama A.J

  2. Such a great and honest interview. I'll keep a look out for giant scorpions. (Looks over shoulder.) Ironic how Adrianna claims to not be intelligent, but doesn't like stupid people. We don't seek out the ones we oppose. Just a thought. She does look stunning without makeup. Thank you for the mention, Adrianna.


  3. Great interview! I wouldn't expect snything less from you two intelligent snd funny beauties. Bravo!

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  5. Nice interview with the no holds barred AJ. But...I think she lied about being a Scorpio. She is an Aries through and through! :)

  6. great interview Adrianna and Urvashi!!! :)

  7. Nice interview Urvashi (as usual). You've really got a talent for this. Interesting answers Adrianna. : )

  8. Oi! I just saw all of these comments Lol. Im such a slacker Urvashi. Im so sorry.
    Thank you Vashti :) P Marvin :)Jasveena xxx ;)
    Mike! haha! I am? How so? ;)
    Thanks Ro May :) She's my baby girl. Love her to bits.
    Glendon, thank you for the compliment. Didnt think anyone would pick up on the contradiction. :) and you're welcome.

  9. Great interview ladies, fun questions and answers :-)

    1. Thankyou everyone! I know this is a super-duper late reply! But I got terribly busy! I have missed you all! I hope this holiday season goes great for you all! Merry Christmas!! Love to everyone out there! <3 :)


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