The Colour Red.

RED. What comes to your mind when someone says 'red'? 
Romance? Love? Candies? Normally everything that's nice. I read somewhere that red symbolises energy, strength, power and also determination, passion and most importantly love. Correct. There is yet another aspect of this colour. The colour of fire and blood. That which also stands for danger. No doubt, red is a very emotionally intense colour. Now, why am I babbling about red and stating facts that are as common as a Ferrero Rocher chocolate pack?

This morning I woke up to a lovely day but sad news. What? 'Popular actress Jiah Khan kills self'. 
Her friends described her as energetic, ambitious and lively. Why did she kill herself? Cause unknown.
To be honest I had no intention of writing a post owing to the hot weather and my lazy attitude. :D But this headline got me thinking. I decided my next post (second actually) will deal with 'suicides'.

Danger-Death-Red-  Connect. 

No wonder we have come a long way from the early man civilization. Sadly, the average person of today deals with much higher levels of stress compared to his counterpart in the 19th century. Why? There are so many reasons that you know of and can choose from. No, I do not intend to bore you guys by discussing all the possible stress-related problems and reasons. I would rather stick to the solution. Suicides rates are escalating faster than skyscrapers. I always insist that change comes from within. Is there something that we can do to bring down the suicide rate? Well, maybe. This is not some 'how to deal with suicidal cases' guide. I am just offering a few suggestions. Here is how..
  • People get depressed for so many reasons. Breakups, exam failure, bad career, family issues and more. First of all as a friend it's your task to find out if someone you know exhibits any signs of depression. I am sure you all are aware of such signs, so I will not go there. A warm hug, a friendly smile, a kind word can go a long way in lifting a person's spirits. So whenever you come across a depressed person, smile, hug and leave a kind word.
  • Now that you have found out who's depressed; try to talk. It's possible that the person you are trying to help stays aloof for the fear of you confronting him/her. This will further add to the problem. Approach gently and cautiously. Tell the person how special he/she is to you, that you are glad to have them and want them with you forever. Of course this will not solve the problem instantly. But this will surely make the person feel a little better.
  • Once you find out what the root of the problem is, try to find a solution if you can handle it yourself. If not, consult an elder person. That could be anyone-your parents, your friend's parents or a person that you trust. While you are busy finding a solution, don't forget about your friend. Make sure that you boost him/her. Let them know that it ain't over till it's over. Tell them that life is beautiful, that this too shall pass. You can also gift them motivational CD's/books and make them watch inspiring movies. Treat them to their favourite thing, be it a hair spa or a coffee at their favourite cafe. Make your friend feel special.
  • Just in case you are dealing with an extreme case scenario, consult a psychiatrist. Yes, they know all about the brain's nooks and crevices! They can do wonders! But you need to excercise some precautionary measures here. Don't tell your friend that you are taking him/her to a psychiatrist lest they get offended and start thinking you are tagging them as mentally unwell. Introduce the psychiatrist as a friend or a relative or someone you know. With time your friend will learn to appreciate what you did for him/her.
  • Parents play a crucial role in our lives. If they have a kid who's depressed, I think they can help the most. It can be difficult for a parent to deal with a depressed child. Now, I am not a parent but this is what I would want my parents to do if I were depressed. 
1) To not remind the kid of his/her failures (if any).
2) Support unconditionally.
3) To be always around their kid. The probability of the child committing suicide increases when the child is left alone.       
4) Go for a trip. If possible go in nature's lap. There is nothing more soothing and more healing than nature itself.
5) Keep a positive atmosphere inside the house. Give time to your kid to heal. Every bad phase takes time to go away.

That said, all of us can help each other. Quoting a dialogue from a movie "The earth is like a big ship. It is only when we help each other that the ship sails safely home." I changed it slightly to fit the context. :D
Practice being kind. C'mon, it wont hurt being a little kind and warm-hearted. What is that saying again? 'Try and imagine yourself in other person's shoes. If it hurts you, it's probably hurting him too!' The next time you go out, smile at a lonely soul. A smile is infectious! Leave a suspended coffee for a homeless person. Compliment the old lady that helps in housekeeping. Appreciate your employee for the work done and the effort put in. Most importantly, let your loved ones know how much they mean to you and how much you love them. Do your bit in the world, no matter how small or big. You never know how you might impact a few lives!
There is already too much misery out there in the world. Maybe all it needs is a little kindness, some good and a dash of the colour-red (in a positive way). Cheers! :)

NOTE: If this post feels like a lecture, you can kill me later. :P But first be kind, be good. What goes around, comes around. Ain't that right? :D :) 


  1. Urvashi, this is a great post about helping others to prevent suicide. I think support from people a person admires and trusts goes a long way to preventing insurmountable depression and ultimately suicide. You made this point clear in your post.

    1. Thankyou Glendon! :) Considering the fact that you are an excellent writer yourself, it's amazing how you can be so supportive! Glad that I get feedback from a resourceful person such as yourself. Yay! :)

  2. Great post Urvashi! I just want to add that there are two types of depression. Psychological depression, which is a normal and temporary reaction that anyone can have after something bad happens. Like a divorce, loss of a loved one, a break-up and other sad things. When these things happen it is normal to be depressed for a while. Physiological depression is a disease (a chemical imbalance in the brain), and like diabetes, Crohn's and hypertension a person with this type of depression needs to see a doctor and receive medication. It is a serious disease with a stigma attached to it so often times people don't get help and this like you mentioned can lead to suicide. Thank you so much for raising awareness for depression and suicide. <3

  3. Thanks so much Vashti! I second your thoughts! Depression can be fatal sometimes if not given proper attention and treatment! I think I wouldn't have been inspired to blog at all were it not for your support and all the S.A.W team! Thankyou! <3 :)

  4. (tears up)
    Urvashti, I'm sorry I just came to this post. This subject is very intense for myself. It's something that I ocassionally struggle with. You make wonderful points in how to help others who are going through this very thing. It is sad that those out there who are suicidal do feel the need to remove themselves from this world thinking that it will better their families or friends.
    There is another side to suicides that not many people are aware of but I will get into it much later when I'm feeling better.
    I adore you sweetheart and I can see your passion in this topic and wnting to make others smile and be happy and safe. You are a breath of fresh air. sending you huge hugs love.

    Oh side note.. the font is hard for me to read. I think it may be my eyes.. Lol.

    1. Thanks a ton AJ! I am sorry that you have deal with all of this. But know that we are there for you and we love you! <3 I hope you feel better soon! :) I am really honoured with your kind words! Undoubtedly, you guys inspire me! Much love.. xoxo.. :) :)

    2. Love you too Urvashi xoxo Thank you :)

  5. Woops I said Urvashti Lol. sorry love. Im not fully awake.

  6. Oh by the way.. I love the ''For readers may come and readers may go but I write on forever.'' And the name Urvashi's Den is brilliant!

    1. Oh! Thankyou very much! I am glad you like you like it! :)

    2. your talented love.

      I want to mention this here..
      -Attention everyone-
      If you need any advice or have a question for me, dont be afraid. I am here to help you guys. I am here for you!
      So please ask a question or ask for advice. Im going to be starting a page called #AskFaith
      Write down what you need to say at my twitter page. It is @musicforlife101
      cant wait to hear from you ~<3~<3~<3~

    3. wow! #AskFaith sounds lovely! We know you are there for us. I just want you to know that we are there for you too! Stay Blessed! <3 :) :)

  7. hey hun,
    I read your post and it was heartbreaking :( As I read on; when I read her name, I looked her up on Wikipedia. Did you see the letter that was written? It explains for what reason she committed suicide. :((

    1. Hey Aud,
      Thanks so much dear! It's nice to know that you find me talanted. :) Yeah, I read the letter and it's so sick! It feels horrible to know that such a beautiful girl died due to relationship stress! :/ And I love the name 33 butterflies! Sums up your whole personality! Lively and full of colours! :) <3

  8. you rock girl!! keep writing!! :)

    1. Thanks so much Jassy dear! Glad to have your support! And thanks for the follow! :) <3


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