tete-a-tete with Glendon Perkins

What happens when you stay up too late and you are sitting idle? Well, an empty mind is a devil's workshop! So, the devil gave me the idea for this post. :D I have made an attempt at interviewing the wonderful authors and I don't know how well this will be received by the readers. The idea was to bring out the fun side of these brilliant people who very kindly agreed to answer my questions. Some of the questions sound sensible (I'll take the credit here) and some might sound totally insane (I'll give credit to the 'devil'). :P All in all I enjoyed doing this activity and I hope the readers will derive equal pleasure on reading it.

Hop on! The ride is here!

Glendon Perkins

I know the name sounds pretty cool! I have known him only for a short while i.e. only after I joined the 'to-die-for' community Support-A-Writer started by a very supportive writer Alana Munro. Wait, I'll talk about her when I put up her answers. ;) Coming back to Glendon, he's been a real nice person. Always willing to lend out a helping hand and mind you, he is ex-military so you might want to think twice before messing with him! :P Jokes apart, you'll know how good he is once you are acquainted with him. He's one of those people whose sense of humour and positivity rubs on to you too. :) Anyway, when I sent him my questions here is what he had to say.

1) A. One really weird trait in you?  I have two left feet. Haha, not really. I have long canine teeth almost vampire like. (Hmm..so he's going to be cast in the next vampire movie. I bet, he'll be a natural!) :D
    B. One false perception about you is? That I am outgoing. Truth is I am introverted, but I am safe   behind a keyboard and a monitor.

2) Tell me something about your first and last crush? I still have a picture of my first crush. (Ahem!)
And the last one isn't over yet. (Double Ahem!)  ;)

3) An interesting incident about your childhood? In a span of few weeks when I was four I was struck in the head with a shovel and then hit with a rock in the head. (Ouch!)

4) Martial arts or cooking. What would you like to learn? Well, I am proficient at both. All marriage proposals are considered ladies! (Clever!)

5) Three friends in the S-A-W community that you treasure and why? Adrianna Joleigh because she's my bestfriend and number one fan. Alana Munro because she started the marvellous community. And the third is all the rest of you in the community in no certain order.

6) Given a chance to be a fictional character, what would you be? Chris Falk. He's a fictional character in an unfinished novel of mine. (WOW!)

7) Do you think people who take up Science have an edge over those who don't? No, absolutely not. They have an advantage that is Science but that's all.

8) What's your Zodiac? Zodiac influences personality. How true does that sound to you? My Zodiac is Virgo. And I'll leave it up to others to decide if it fits my personality.

9) Believe in Karma and Destiny? Depends on the day. I will ride the fence on that one. Perhaps it's my destiny to believe in Karma.

10) A trait in people that really turns you off? Lying! (I dislike that too!)

11) How do you spend your free time? Reading mostly. I do a lot of driving during the nice weather and I love to fish. And in the winter I am a man's man. Always out hunting some tasty animal of some kind. (Interesting! Remember his vampire teeth?!) LOL  :D

12) Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn. What would you pet? A dragon of course. It's the biggest and most dangerous. Plus it combines all the mythic features of the other two.

13) If there was a 'time-machine', what would you like the change about the past? Well, that's not a situation I feel comfortable with in a public forum.

14) Your question for me? Where are my chocolates? I was expecting that! Which ones do you like? :P

15) One question for the wonderful readers? What would you like to see more of in my writing. With limitations to my writing style of course. (Okay, personally. I don't care about writing styles. I like reading everything that you put up on your website.)  :)

So that was it. Thankyou Glendon. It was a real pleasure interviewing you. Maybe I should have asked more serious stuff but that's for the more experienced writers to talk about. I would love to do another interview with you in future too. I wish you all the very best for your life!


(This is him. Don't get carried away by the picture please. And do not forget to check his website. Trust me, you'll thank me later for it.) :D



  1. Very nice interview! I loved your witty questions and Glendon's answers. Fun!

    1. Thanks so much Vashti! You have been such a wall! So supportive of whatever I do here! I'll wait for your answers! :)

  2. Urvashi, thank you for letting me be a part of this interview. It was fun, and I like dark chocolate.


    1. Mention not Glendon! Actually, it should be me thanking you! :) Dark chocolates. Alright! :)

  3. really liked the interview. gave me a new, different perspective on glendon perkins. i will check out his blog. it doesn't hurt that he likes dark chocolate.

    1. Thankyou Kim! I really appreciate your support. :)


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